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ATCF CrossFit Lite: A Program of Accessibility


ATCF CrossFit Lite: A Program of Accessibility

We have all been there before. You want to get in shape and start looking for a program to try out. You break out the laptop or tablet and start searching Google for programs near you. One such program is CrossFit. You have heard of CrossFit but fear you are not ready for something so “extreme”. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Let me introduce you to CrossFit Lite. While it is true that CrossFit itself can be universally accessible by most through scaling and proper progression there is a strong contingent of folks who, at the outset, want to partake of the camaraderie and community that the program provides but do not wish to tackle such modalities as olympic weightlifting or advanced gymnastics movements. Yet.

So we saw a demand for such a variation of our beloved program and set out to supply it accordingly. The program has taken off with nothing less than success. The attendance and consistency among the athletes is the highest across the board. The accessibility is completely open door. You want to bring a friend? By all means, we have them covered! Afraid you won’t know what to do? That’s okay we will show you EVERYTHING!

Built around a solid foundation of bodyweight, plyometric, kettlebell, and gymnastics movements, CrossFit Lite at ATCF has solidified its standing and delivers the goods! It also provides the athlete a foundation to progress or segway into regular CrossFit classes.

So what does one need to try this program out? Simply put, show up, have an open mind, be coachable, and be prepared to work. If you top that off with a solid nutritional foundation and some consistency then you just stumbled upon a program that I am positive you will embrace and enjoy while reaping the rewards!

Hope to see you in a class in the future!

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