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Changes to The Games and What it Should Mean to You


Changes to The Games and What it Should Mean to You

So unless you’ve been under a rock or oblivious to the news then you have heard that there have been some significant announcements regarding the CrossFit Games and the format that it will take moving forward. Lets start with what we do know:

  1. The Open will remain in place.
  2. Regionals as we know them are now gone.
  3. The CrossFit Games will remain in place.
  4. The top male, female, and team from each individual country will go to the Games.
  5. There will be 16 sanctioned events throughout the year. If you win one you will get an invite to the Games.
  6. Everything else is pure speculation at this point until final word is rendered by HQ.

Thats it. Thats what we know at this time. Change is inevitable. What we do know is that Coach Glassman is staying true to what he always meant CrossFit to be, a vehicle for health. CrossFit was never about the Games. The Games are spectacle, albeit a very inspiring and motivational spectacle. We all have athletes we look up to as a result. Froning, Fraser, Muhlbeier Thorisdottir, Khalipa, Medina, Davidsdottir, Spealler, Bailey, I mean the list goes on and on. (See what I did there?) We watch them train, we watch them perform, and we celebrate their victories. Some of us may even aspire to those levels one day and that is great, but the reality is this, the sport of CrossFit is not a sustainable journey. Competing takes its toll on the mind and body. Ask any athlete at that level and the consensus is the same, there is a season for everything and that season eventually comes to an end. Regardless of age, division, etc. the sacrifice and toll that CrossFit competition takes on you will come to bear.

This is where Coach Glassman is smart, even wise. CrossFit, the training methodology, is a much longer season and can be effective across the duration of our lives when used in proper prescription. The goal has always been overall health, thats never changed. That should always be the goal because lets be honest, when the lights go out and there are no more chanting of our names, what we are left with is our family, our friends, and yes, our health. Living a healthier life allows us to transcend the season of competition so that we may enjoy life and make memories with those that enrich our lives and give it meaning.

To sum it up, if you love CrossFit solely for the competition of events such as the Games, then maybe we should reassess why we do it to begin with. If you are love it because of the positive benefits it brings to your life and you enjoy a season of competition from time to time then I say enjoy the ride, but never make that the final destination. Theres so much more to life, don’t miss those wonders. God bless ATCF!


Coach Shane

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