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Good morning A-Team!

As most of you have come to realize we have adopted a new slogan, if you will, for our gym. I have used the hashtag on most social media posts and it even adorns our great new apparel line from Forever Fierce. Gone are the days of “We Don’t Use Machines, We Build Them”. While catchy at the outset it has been my feeling as we have developed it has grown outdated. My reasoning is this: we have evolved as a community. We are no longer a community (nor have we ever truly been) of just grip and rip or clang and bang. While those instances can be fun they do not serve a purpose as it pertains to proper training and the “why” behind the training. So let’s delve into the why behind #educatetrainevolve, shall we?

Educate: The foundation. Educating athletes or clients, if you will, is at the core of who we are and what we do. Whether it is teaching an olympic lift, mental strength, a basic air squat ( which is SO fundamental), to explaining anatomical position or body planes and sections, the rationale of having athletes mimic their trainer just because the latter says so is archaic at best. Conveying knowledge regarding body awareness and proper function is at the root of what every trainer or coach should be doing on a daily basis. The “why” has to be explained to the athlete to reinforce understanding. Once they “why” is known the athlete will embrace it a little more fervently then if he/she is just told to do it while someone cheers and encourages them without an instance of cueing. From a solid foundation in nutrition and how foods affect the body, to what energy systems are being used during a given workout, along with understanding body function, imbalances, maintenance, and mobility, we must endeavor to foster a learning environment. We must educate beyond the WOD.

Train: We must be consistent. You will either do a thing or you wont. There’s the choices. What trainers and coaches must do is provide support, competent instruction, and follow up with their communities to keep them on track. Ultimately accountability falls upon the individual but I would be more apt to show up regularly to an environment where I am challenged mentally, physically, and spiritually. Training should never be a blind pursuit. We no longer must embrace the old adage of “I’m gonna go workout”. No, you need to go and train. Train to learn and adapt. Train to understand. Retain what is taught. Accept that, along with success, there will be failure. You must persevere in light of those moments and educate yourself on the why behind the shortcoming. If it’s hard then you just discovered a challenge and challenge is good. Excuses run rampant in our society and we can damn near blame anything or anyone for why we don’t achieve a goal or continue the pursuit of one. What we should do first is look in the mirror. There you will find the common denominator.

Evolve: The goal. The end game that is never ending. We must expose ourselves to new challenges, adapt to the stimulus with proper training and nutritional support, and then overcome. This will always be cyclical. Ask questions. Get proper coaching. There will always be another obstacle, another goal, the next PR. That’s the beauty of it all…the journey. There will always be little mini-destinations along the way that always have us coming back for more.

Strive daily to become a better YOU. Do not try to become a you based on what you see in others, it’s a failed philosophy, apples and oranges. Be you, educate yourself, train for yourself, and allow yourself to evolve into the best version of you EVER.


Now you understand. It’s time. Today, not tomorrow. Pick up the gauntlet life has thrown at your feet and rise to the challenge.

Educate. Train. Evolve.



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