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Fridays Training – 10/16/15


Fridays Training – 10/16/15

bat thrusters







EMOM for 5 minutes
8 x perfect pushups (FORM!)
Rest 1 minute
EMOM for 5 minutes
4 x snatch balance (light/moderate weight) RULE: if athlete is not sure of weight don’t spend several minutes trying to “find it”. Use bar weight/PVC and let them practice technique here.

Run 200m
15 x thrusters 95/65

Core/cool down

Coach Shane’s Tip:


Stay true to form on your pushups. Engage glutes, quads, and core and push those heels away from you. Neutral position for head (do not let it hang below shoulders) and keep those elbows back. Scale the reps if needed but do not sacrifice form!

Pay attention to technique on the snatch balance and do not get caught up in adding weight. If you are not sure about weight, stick to bar weight or pvc and practice form.


Use the 200m for a little bit of recovery on these three rounds but dont play it conservatively because you got to keep driving forward!! On the thrusters make sure you are pacing your breathing with your movement. Inhale to squat, exhale at lockout overhead. DO NOT DESTROY YOURSELF WITH A WEIGHT YOU HAVE TO DROP MORE THAN ONCE DURING THESE 3 ROUNDS!!!!

Finish the week strong gang!!!



















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