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“Hilarious” Things Said/Done @ CrossFit


“Hilarious” Things Said/Done @ CrossFit










Frequently heard gems at the Box:

1. “Tonight during my class, we go over to the board. I explain the wod
3 rounds for time
11 KBS
10 t2b
9 lunges

Then we go over each movement. I repeat the rounds and rep scheme.
We go back to the board. I say “you’re going to do 11 kbs 10 t2b 9 lunges, 3 times. That 11 10 9, 11 10 9, 11 10 9.

12 minutes into the wod one of the members is still going and when I ask she informs me that she’s doing a 15 minute amrap. Here’s your sign…”

2. “Is that the one that starts overhead before you clean it?”

3. ” Can I pee?” I don’t know can you?

4. “Hi, I am calling about CrossFit and wanted to know if I could do the morning class today?” (It’s 11AM)

5. Before the warm-up has even started…”So I don’t understand…are we doing all that?”

6. Athlete shows up 5 minutes late and jumps into warm-up. 5 minutes later Coach calls time on the warm-up and athlete informs Coach they are not warm yet. Really? Seriously?

7. “What’s a thruster again?”

8. Coach: (to athlete hunched over chalk bucket) “Why are you chalking up? You have situps and squats next.”

Athlete: (blank stare)

9. Athlete trying to be a quick transition wizard sets up barbell directly behind them while they start with wall balls. Once finished athlete drops med ball and turns around too fast, trips over barbell and face plants on the floor.

Athlete: ” Whoops set that up too close huh?” Nahhhhhhhh……

10. and finally upon learning that we are working on snatch today an athlete asks, “Can we do them out of the rack?”

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