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IWBC Training Tuesday June 24th


IWBC Training Tuesday June 24th


1. “Bergeron Beep Test”
Every Minute, On the Minute, for as long as possible, complete:

7 Thrusters, 75/55
7 Pull ups
7 Burpees
2.  Strict Press
EMOMx10:  2 Strict Press

3.  C2B Progression
7 sets of 6, :60 rest between sets
We are repeating this C2B Progression.  If you missed it the first time – DO IT now.  C2B Pull ups are a game changer in the Open.  In other words you to have to excel at them to be able to compete.  If you have already completed this entire progression (you can compete 7 sets of 10 unbroken with :40 rest between) then you should repeat it with the next level of difficulty, ie: butterfly or strict or weighted.

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