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Lift More Olympic Seminar and Gymnastics Clinic July 5-6


Lift More Olympic Seminar and Gymnastics Clinic July 5-6

liftmoreolyliftmorolygymnastics  Are you looking to hit PR’s and gain a better understanding of Olympic lifts? Let us help you start the 2014 season off right with International Lift More Olympic training camps. Join us July 5th and 6th at Aegis Team CrossFit and hit new PR’s!!!! 

The camps are run similar to a Level 1 with board work and full group participation. It is advised to bring a notebook and to have all of the gear you would use to lift.

Each Seminar Covers:

  • Weightlifting theories and practices
  • Progressions practicing bar path and key positions to produce maximum force
  • Cues to build kinesthetic awareness
  • Proper technique for more efficient movement
  • Drills to improve strength and reinforce technique
  • Demonstration of movements for repetition
  • Mental exercises for attempting maximal lift
  • Exercises and drills that are most effective for mastery
  • Nutrition for optimal performance
  • Why Olympic Weightlifting is the most mentally challenging sport



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