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Maximizing Return on Your Investment


Maximizing Return on Your Investment

You work hard. Day in and day out. The Grind we call it. We do what we must to support our families and provide for their future. As CrossFitters we are also slightly ahead of the curve because we understand the importance of making time to take care of ourselves through functional fitness. This in turn allows us to lead a healthier, more productive life and help ensure we are around for those we love and care about.

I say all of that to say this. The general public that doesn’t know or has not been exposed to CrossFit liken us to some crazy fitness cult. I tend to think of us more as a family and this is our church. A place we g o for the community and purge out the stress in our life and become better versions of ourselves. We enjoy each others company. We laugh, cut up, cry, argue, and we do that together. But what about the other part? The work?

We all enjoy making gains. Men and women will go to battle for points, its proven. The caveat is if we really want to improve we must focus on the task at hand. We must maximize the return on investment we have made for ourselves in each hour we spend at the box.

You can’t complain about not getting stronger when you don’t commit to challenging yourself with heavier loads. You cant complain about your cardio capacity if you fail to push yourself into the dark place from time to time. You are not going to prevent¬†injury if you do not rest, recover, or contact a professional to assess your situation. Last but not least, you cannot expect to move forward, learn, gain knowledge, hit new PR’s if you spend your whole hour bullshitting around. Yes, have fun. Yes, encourage and support each other. Yes, laugh and cry. But you can’t expect maximum return on your investment if you spend your training time disengaged. You, of all people, owe yourself more than that. Put on your game face for an hour. Be coachable. Do the work. Purge your weaknesses. Strengthen yourself.

At the end of that hour…celebrate your achievements, like we have always done, together.

See ya on the floor!

Coach Shane

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