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On Teamwork


On Teamwork

What an amazing weekend! ATCF attended the 2017 Atomic Throwdown at Natural Selection CrossFit on Saturday and a great time was had by all. NSX always puts on a quality event and this year was no exception! As always there are always those standout moments during such competitions that people remember for a time. Whether its a PR on a lift or a blazing performance during a sprint, we all are in awe at what our fellow athletes and friends can do when it is go time.

I want to take a moment and share with you what sticks with me the most about the day. Teamwork. I’m not talking about just the two athletes who gathered up courage to sign up and compete, but the community that surrounds them as well. From fellow athletes competing, coaches supporting and guiding, to family, friends, and spectators giving words of encouragement and high fives along the way, it always is and has been the community that should be remembered. It is what drives our cause.

When you see and hear fellow athletes channel their support into others that they are competing against then you have the very essence of sportsmanship. When you hear other coaches offering encouragement and tips to not only their athletes but yours as well then you are witnessing something special.

Competition always has been and always will be at the heart of what we do. In training you will always be in competition with yourself to improve over yesterday, last week, or last year. It’s called progressing…evolving.

There is something to note however. Competing in actual competitions comprises about 1-5% of our population. The rest of the community just wishes to pursue general fitness and live a healthier life for their families and friends. Both can, and always should, co-exist as there is mutual benefit to both. There should never be a dissection or separation.

This weekend I watched teams throughout the day survive because of each others willingness to step up when the other couldn’t, embrace each other when frustration took hold, celebrate each other for an unexpected personal best, and remain humble in victory. To everybody who came out in support, to anyone who gave words of encouragement whether in person or by social media, to the coaches, spectators, families and extended families, you were all part of something special….you were all part of the same team. Congratulations to all of you, you’re the true winners.

Educate. Train. Evolve.



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