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Post-Open Plan of Attack


Post-Open Plan of Attack

The Open has come and gone. We witnessed some extraordinary performances from everyone, got to cheer until our voices gave out, and left every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears on the floor. Now that the excitement has subsided, the test has been completed, the question beckons…now what?

Let me answer that for you. Enjoy yourself. You heard me right. Get back to doing what makes you happy! Take a deload week, rest up, enjoy some family time and forget everything about the grind for a moment, hit the reset button.

Once that’s done, however, get back to the place where you have fun with your fitness! Get back to the gym consistently, venture outside using your fitness for adventures with your family and friends, and try new things often!!! You worked hard leading up to the test of fitness that is The Open and you survived the ordeal and learned so much about yourself!! Now its time to enjoy the fruits of such labor! Remember what you learned, form a plan to address any weaknesses over the coming year, and rise to the new challenges before you.

Go after those pistols, get your first muscle up, PR an olympic or strength lift, do your first handstand walk, but do it with passion and make it fun! Challenge each other, support each other, and be accountable.

I believe if you follow these simple steps your Open experience in 2017 will be far more exciting and rewarding than you could even imagine!!

See you on the floor!

Coach Shane

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