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Renegade Rage


Renegade Rage

renegade rage



ATCF / NSX CrossFit and CrossFit UnRestrained are Proud Sponsors of this event benefitting the Tri-City Union Gospel Mission!!

The Renegade Rage is a course of the roughest terrain along the Columbia River with demanding obstacles for the fierce competitor. Our monkey bars are not a disappointing 20 feet long. How long are they? Let’s just say you may want to visit the neighborhood park and get some extra practice in. Want a mud crawl? How about a trench of ice and mud? Scared of heights? We’ve got your cure. We’ve put together some extreme obstacles for you to attempt to power through. Think you can’t? Come prove yourself wrong. What are you waiting for? This is the place to dig deep, rise up and see what you are made of.

Our mission is to inspire everyday people to rise above the couch and find fitness that excites and motivates them to lead a healthier lifestyle. The Tri- Cities was rated as the Number 9 most unhealthy metro area in the United States*! That’s outrageous and we want to enforce change within that rating. Let’s get off the couch Washington! Let’s find a New Rage!

Never ran an obstacle course mud run before? That’s ok, everyone will find the experience of a lifetime! From the first timer, to the toughest competitors, The Renegade Rage course is designed to challenge anyone that makes the attempt. Bring your friends, come with your gym, or your group from work. As a team, or on your own, you will experience challenges at all levels. Mental phobias and physically rigorous challenges will help you bond with your team and create a camaraderie that you cannot experience in the office or on the couch.
Get your Rage on at the most vigorous and longest hardcore obstacle course in Eastern Washington with scenic views of the Columbia River and heart stopping awe inspiring terrain that will test every person’s degree of fitness.

7 mile course- Want to conquer a course with gnarly obstacles and feel overly exerted yet insanely exhilarated at the finish line? Sign up to get your Rage on in our grueling 7 miles of extreme obstacle course trenches. Here, we will test your endurance, as well as your grit. Are you fierce? Do you have the mental persistence it takes to finish and claim Renegade status? Come prove it, let’s witness your skills!

3 mile course- Want to have fun and leave feeling on top of the world? Love obstacle courses, but not the distances? Sign up for the 3 mile Rager where you can test yourself at a shorter distance. Our shorter course is not lacking in thrilling obstacles, just extreme distance. Cross the finish line knowing you are strong, you are confident, you are resilient. You are a Renegade!

Start yourself a family fitness quest. Families can experience this camaraderie with their children by running the adventurous 1 1/2 mile junior course race with them. Adults running the Jr course with their kids can also sign up to run the 4 or 7 mile Rage. Experience the first family tailored obstacle course with your kids! These obstacles are made to be fun and inspiring for your younger Renegades that will encourage them to continue a fitness quest for life. Be a renegade, get your rage on, and go off trail! Let’s see what your family can do together!

Renegade Rage is proud to support the Tri-City Union Gospel Mission and the Jubilee leadership Academy 

We are always concerned about our environment and want to leave as little a footprint as possible. That’s why much of the Renegade Rage course is made from environmentally friendly materials.

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