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Team Muhlbeier @ The Games


Team Muhlbeier @ The Games

What an amazing accomplishment! How do you even begin to recap such an achievement?? Lets take a look at the numbers for just a moment:

Year started CrossFit: 2012

# times @ Masters Qualifier: 4

# times qualified for the CrossFit Games: 1

Results during 1st Games Appearance:

Event 1: 16th

Event 2: 9th

Event 3: 12T

Event 4: 8th

Event 5: 2nd

Event 6: 11th

Event 7: 7th

Final: 9th

During his years of training Tom has shown dedication to craft, consistency in training, giving back to the community through coaching and volunteering, all the while running and maintaining a business and participating in charitable functions. All of this and STILL qualified for what most of us consider a once in a lifetime shot at the big stage!

I can remember first training with Tom back in the day at LifeQuest Fitness where he quickly earned the nickname “Sapphire” for his hilarious dance routine he would do to make others laugh. He knew how to make others a little more comfortable while they were obviously otherwise. As always, though, when it came to training, he always dialed in with a focus that is to be envied. I have had several people approach me over the past few years and especially recently and say things such as, “Hey great job with Tom and his making the Games.” or “What did you guys do to get this point?” I am here to tell you that Tom did this himself with a support system around him that worked for him. I didn’t train Tom. Sure, if I saw something that I thought needed brought to his attention, I would offer my advice and as always Tom would look at it objectively. Tom surrounded himself with other like minded individuals that he knew would support and push him, dedicated himself to a track of programming, sought out advice from peers, and never relented. THAT, I believe, is the secret to his success.

We should celebrate such focus and consistency as it is those attributes which can provide any of us success at any level. Thank you Tom for the example, thank you for your time and willingness over the years to make our community what it is, and congratulations on an achievement that placed you on a stage that allowed you to inspire millions of others. Cheers my friend, I can only imagine what your next trick will be!

Educate. Train. Evolve.



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