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The Culmination of Camaraderie


The Culmination of Camaraderie

Never have I been prouder. That’s a tough statement for me to say after all of the experiences that I have been privileged enough to witness ever since the doors at ATCF have opened. This picture speaks volumes, it speaks to community, it speaks to support, it speaks to the camaraderie among these strong women.

A gym owner or coach always hopes to see the day when his community coalesces and flourishes. I am happy to say that I was able to bear witness to this during the recent Girls Gone RX competition in Spokane at CrossFit Liberty Lake this past weekend.

I arrived that morning as a surprise to the ladies competing that day hoping to give them some coaching support and guidance. To the contrary I was the one who was surprised. The following is what I am happy to say fills my heart with hope and a sense of accomplishment.

I saw strong women come together for a unified purpose: Not so much to win their respective divisions but to care for each other and push each other outside perceived comfort zones. These ladies laughed together, they planned together, they cried together, and they threw down together. At the end of this day they had left everything they had on that competition floor but took away something so much more; camaraderie. They bonded in ways I had not seen before as a coach. They represented their gym proudly and unapologetically not only by wearing their black and yellow swag, but when one moved they all moved together. Never did they separate from each other for long and for the most part they entered and left the floor in a sea of that same black and yellow. It filled my heart with pride.

Gone were the days of cliques and separation and what rose before me and blossomed that day was a beautiful consolidation of all things that a true community should bring. These ladies blazed a path for the rest of us moving forward and created a bond amongst themselves that we all could aspire to, that none of us is an island unto ourselves, and we can never attain our best selves without ever leaning on another person(s) who cares for your success as much as you do.

So to each of you amazing ladies who lit this path before us I simply want to say thank you for showing me that while competition is great, camaraderie and community still reign and are alive and well here at ATCF. My heart is full.


Coach Shane

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