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The Mop and Consistency


The Mop and Consistency

I had a great conversation today with one of my athletes. The reason for this conversation may surprise you but I felt it lent the opportunity for an observation. This athlete was dealing with a dilemma of whether to continue their membership with us or start a membership with another program that they had recently tried. The reason for the dilemma is that they enjoyed the workouts there as well but loved coming to our gym because this is where they got their start and truly enjoyed the coaching, the workouts, and atmosphere. They also expressed that we ignited their true passion for fitness where it had not existed before! I consider all of these things definite wins for our gym and the athlete!

The other program they have come to enjoy is closer to home or work and convenience is most definitely something that comes into play when making such decisions, albeit not necessarily a primary one. In the end we had a good discussion about options, choices, and what would benefit them most. After all it is still about them, always has been, if its not then we are in the wrong business.

After we concluded our brief dialogue I went back to cleaning the gym as I often do every Saturday after classes. As I was mopping the floor a thought came to me that has visited me several times in the past: consistency. With the exception of a brief period of time where I had someone come in to clean the floors I have consistently mopped the floor on Saturdays or Sundays. During each time I mopped the floor I listened to my favorite music in the background and it allowed me some quiet time to reflect on the previous week or just zone out and not think at all. Regardless of my thought process one thing remained consistent: the schedule and the mopping.

I always told myself that every time I mopped that floor that I was creating an environment safe for my community. Every time I mopped that floor I was preparing for another day, week, or month, during which time a life or lives could be changed by those who walked on or worked out on its surface. The consistency in mopping rewarded opportunity and growth.

I stick to the mopping because I know one day this gym and others will be the better for its simple mundane task. My point in relating this to training is this: How do we ever truly know what true training potential we could have if we are constantly starting over with the next new program? Don’t misunderstand me its not necessarily the new programs fault as I’m sure it holds merit. The issue I bring to bear is that if we are always starting over every 3,6, or 12 months with next new thing then we are always just beginning again and again and never truly reaching virtuosity or mastery. Reaching training potential takes dedication and consistency and is oftentimes not an easy road to walk. So the next time you think about starting over remember the mop and keep it in mind what it’s consistency in usage can bring to the table.

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