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Thursdays Training – 10/15/15


Thursdays Training – 10/15/15


10 minutes of Goat Work.
Pick a weakness and practice

Partners of 2 (adjust accordingly)
4 x 500m row repeats
– goal is to sprint and keep times within :10-:15 of each.

– rest period is time it takes for partner to finish their row.!

Core/Cool Down

Coach Shane’s Tip:


Be true to yourself and make a dedicated effort to a skill you have an honest weakness in. Don’t skip over this, or just wander around aimlessly, pick a skill and work at making it your strength! Ask questions, learn, and commit!!!


This will short but brutal if you are giving it your all every row!! Set a strong pace your first round and strive to hit that same pace each time! Encourage your partner to give all they got!!!

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