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Tuesdays Training – 10/13/15


Tuesdays Training – 10/13/15





Tuesday – 10/13/2015
E2MOM – 3 strict for 12 minutes
Sub handstand holds – 15 seconds
Sub seated dumbbell or kettlebell strict press – 6 reps
3×3 minute AMRAP (2 min rest between each AMRAP)
20 x dubs
10 x Russian KB Swings 70/55
5 x box overs

Cool Down/Core

Coaches Choice

Coach Shane’s Tip:

Challenge yourself during the EMOM. If you do not have strict hspu’s go with a strict press using the dumbbells or kettlebells with a weight that is challenging you by the end of each set.

During the WOD it is all about gas pedal for each of the 3 minute AMRAPs!!! Form on the Russian Swings is imperative so scale accordingly as these will light up your posterior chain. Remember mechanics and technique FIRST!!! Use the 2 minute rest between to regulate breathing and heart rate as much as possible and get back after it!!!

Be a force to be reckoned with today!




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