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Tuesdays Training – 10/20/15


Tuesdays Training – 10/20/15








5×5 Deadlift (same weight across)
– let technique dictate load here. If form begins to fail lighten load.

7 min AMRAP
10 x power cleans 135/95
3 x chest to bar pull-ups (sub 5 pull-ups)
Rest 3 minutes
7 min AMRAP
10 x power snatch 135/95
3 x t2b (sub 5 knees to elbow or knee raises)


Coach Shane’s Tip:


Build up to your working weight and maintain that weight for all 5 sets. Your focus is on proper setup. Looking for strong spine position, scaps pinned back, and vertical shins. Load those glutes and hamstrings properly for maximum benefit!!!


The goal is to use the same weight for both AMRAP’s today. the gymnastics work is a brief break so use it wisely and get back on the bar and keep moving. If the RX weight is a lighter weight for you focus on bar cycling and go unbroken or you may choose to scale up and break it into sets of 5. If your focus is technique (as it should be always) use a lighter weight for both AMRAPS and increase speed and intensity only to the point where form remains intact.

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