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Tuesdays Training – 10/27/15


Tuesdays Training – 10/27/15








Snatch Balance
– light weight. Focus on speed into bottom position.
Snatch Complex
7 sets with 2 minute rest between
Power snatch + hang full snatch + full snatch

5 min AMRAP
5 x c2b (sub 7 pull-ups)
5 x box jumps 30/24


Coach Shane’s Tip:


Make technique your priority today and drill these movements with as much concentration as you can muster. The snatch is perhaps the most technical barbell movement you will face in your program and if approached in a half-assed fashion will ultimately produce half-ass results! Do not drill this movement with weight that makes you struggle to move or just to hang on to. Use just enough weight for feedback  and work towards mastery in the snatch!



This is a sprint guys!!!! We are balanced with an upper body pulling movement and a lower body dynamic movement. STAY FOCUSED as the box heights are a bit higher today due to the low reps. Visualize yourself on top of the box after each jump and execute with authority. This is also a perfect WOD to work on stringing your pullups together due to the low rep scheme again!

Stay Strong Gang!



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