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Tuesday’s Training – 11/3/15


Tuesday’s Training – 11/3/15







Waiters Walks
– 4x25m (each arm)
– Work up to heavy single

15 min AMRAP
4 x HSPU
8 x KB Snatch (each arm)
12 x box jumps 24/20

Core/Mobility/Cool Down
Coaches Choice

Coach Shane’s Tip:


Be mindful of overhead position with the waiters walks. Remember thumbs back, bicep to ear.

With regard to the snatch remember that proper setup is paramount to a successful lift. Shoulders should be covering the bar and lats engaged. Speed through the middle is vital but if you are not reaching extension then you are leaving a lot of power on the table! Hip extension is crucial. Get your coach involved with your setup and initial pull and use that feedback to drill the skill.


Use a seated strict press as the scale for the HSPU to develop shoulder strength. The KB Snatches need to be smooth and continuous or you can slow down drastically here. Move diligently through the box jumps. This ones a shoulder burner gang!!

Happy Heavy Lifting Gang!


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