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Understanding Your CrossFit Program – Recovery is Key


Understanding Your CrossFit Program – Recovery is Key







You guys have heard it from the Coaches or myself before: REST HAS ALWAYS BEEN PART OF THE PROGRAM! There, now it’s been said for millionth time.

Now that that is out of the way let’s get to the main topic of this blog post: YOUR SUCCESS!!!

The tried and true prescription for a productive CrossFit program schedule is 3 days on 1 off then 2 days on 1 off. This, however, cannot be the norm for must of us with varied schedules, kids activities, etc. etc.

With that said, we still have to remember that we must take time off to rest and recover properly so that we are doing our best to avoid injury and burn out. This may sound contrary coming from me as a gym owner and you may think to yourself, “Wouldn’t you want me to be at your gym all the time?”. The short answer is no. The short explanation is if you are here EVERY day tearing yourself down over and over without any properly scheduled rest or recovery than chances are you will eventually not be here at all due to injury or burnout. (see a theme developing here?)

We pride ourselves on having a fun, exciting, supportive environment that people WANT to be a part of and at same time reach their fitness goals. We consider this a crowning achievement actually. The truth is that it is a great responsibility and one that we, nor you, should take lightly. Protecting and supporting your endeavors is why we are here to begin with, no matter what your goal is. The bottom line is we are concerned about your recovery, probably more so than you are and we need to change that to create proper awareness for your training.

5 days a week back to back just may not be optimal for majority of people and the body really may need more time to recover and grow to prepare for the next stimulus you throw at it. It will be harder for you to adapt if your only at 50-60% on a training day because you failed to time your rest accordingly.

Be smart. Working out ¬†more and eating less is a complete and total myth. Working out more and not resting can be a recipe for failure as well. Set a program where you can give it your all each training day. Rest and recover and plan to perform at an optimal level knowing full well that you are fueled and ready. Shut off the TV, set your smartphone aside, read a book, then shut out all sound and light and learn how to rest peacefully again. Tomorrow’s worries will be there tomorrow, and properly rested you will take them head on like a champion!!


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