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Wednesday’s Training – 10/21/15


Wednesday’s Training – 10/21/15








5×5 heavy thrusters 135/95

Death by Wall Balls 20/14

1-first minute

2-second minute
Etc etc until you’re unable to finish required reps in minute.

Core/Cool Down

Coaches Choice

Coach Shane’s Tip:


The thrusters are meant to be unbroken sets of 5. If the weight is causing you to drop before completion of the set then it’s too heavy for you today. Remember “heavy” is relative to what you can handle today. If form fails or the bar is dropped because you fatigued early then you know you should scale back.


What can I say here but HANG ON!!! Seriously though, a lot of folks will avoid this workout like the plague. That’s the simple reality. Use your time effectively for regulating heart rate and breath the best you can. Strategize your rep counts each minute and set yourself up for longevity in this workout. Keep moving between sets, DON’T JUST SIT THERE! Shake those legs out, have a foam roller on standby, etc.

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