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Welcome to the ATCF SugarWOD Community!


Welcome to the ATCF SugarWOD Community!

Hello ATCF!! I want to take a few minutes and introduce you to a great app called SugarWOD! To give it a short description its like FaceBook but for the CrossFit community! Where else can you see your gym’s workouts posted, log and journal your results, fist bump or like your friends achievements, and track all those PR’s you add up over time??? On top of that SugarWOD provides such tools and resources as a Percentage Calculator, Videos on Movement Instruction, a search feature to find other gyms while on vacation or traveling for business, and ease of use in sharing all that you do with other social media platforms such as Twitter and FaceBook! It also provides your coaching staff metrics in which to base your programming on! The app is available on both Droid and iPhone platforms as well!!!

I’m in, the gym is in, I look forward to seeing you there and growing a large ATCF Community on SugarWOD!!!!

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