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Welcome to The Open – An Overview


Welcome to The Open – An Overview














Welcome to the 2016 CrossFit Games Open!!! If you are reading this you have either registered to participate or are considering doing so (hurry the hell up) which is very exciting but nerve racking at the same time!

The purpose of this post is to help dispel myth and enforce reality. The Open is always wrought with an intimidation factor for everyone. The time draws near, the butterflies kick in, the self doubt self initiates (am I ready. am I good enough), etc. etc.. These are normal responses had by thousands of people around the world this time of year, trust me, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. But let us take a deeper look into the reality of what transpires during The Open.

1. The workouts are typically core CrossFit movements. This is stuff you do everyday at your home box in a constantly varied format. If you can do it 3-5 days a week and still be alive week in and week out then why would one workout each week be so daunting?? Hell, we do some workouts that would make some Open workouts look like glorified warm-ups if you think about it. (Hero WOD’s, Death By Anything, etc. etc.)

2. You will have a judge assigned to you. THIS IS A PLUS!!!! Think about it, you don’t have to count, you don’t have to worry about whether or not a rep is good or not (oh they will definitely let you know ;-)) All you have to do is work. Period.

3. You will have a community of of people just like yourself cheering you on like you are the MVP of the Super Bowl!!! There’s nothing like that feeling. It’s the last round or last minutes of the workout when you seem to have nothing left and out of nowhere BOOM!!! you prove to yourself that you are far more capable than you dared believe!!!

4. You will have to prepare. Yes…prepare. Study the workout, make sure you have the gear you need, make sure you eat and hydrate well, and make sure you get enough rest. You must be here on time and have¬†enough time to properly warm-up. Wait a minute…shouldn’t we be doing this daily anyway? Okay, nothing new here move along…

5. You must encourage and support others who are in this with you. To not do so places you directly in Douchebagville and let’s everyone else know that you think your shit doesn’t stink. Newsflash Summer’s Eve, even if you were Games bound you are not a good representative of this sport, our box, or just the human race in general if you think you’re better than anyone else. Get over it.

In the end you have proven to yourself that you indeed CAN do what you previously swore you couldn’t, your confidence will rise, your weaknesses will be exposed (which is good), and The Open will transform from this frightening, unattainable event to another notch on your belt of life experiences faced and conquered. Kinda like learning to ride a bike as a kid really…if you think about it…Enjoy!!!

Coach Shane

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